Spring Break Safety Tips

Colorful condoms
  • Alcohol use can impact how an individual interacts with other people.
  • The more alcohol a person consumes, the greater their judgment will be impaired. In general, alcohol impacts a person coordination and perception.
  • Decision making can be altered by alcohol and it can increase the likelihood of someone in engaging in high risk activities. This could include: drinking and driving, unprotected sex, going home with someone you do not know, and potentially putting oneself in a physically dangerous situation.
  • Alcohol use can make it difficult for an individual to reach an orgasm.
  • Alcohol can impact the impulse control part of our brains. This could include aggression and violence. For men, it can create a distortion in perception of social cues. For example, an intoxicated male may perceive that a female is flirting with him. However, in reality he only perceives this due to alcohol’s impact on one’s judgement.

To remember the steps of informed consent, remember FRIES:

  • F: Freely Given; There is no coercion or pressure to say yes
  • R: Respectful
  • I: Informed; yes to one act, like kissing, does not equal yes to sex
  • E: Enthusiastic/Engaged: Everyone involved is enthusiastic about what is happening
  • S: Safe/Sober/Sane: This means always using protection (condom, dental dam, birth control) from the beginning of the act to the end. All people involved are in a sound, sober state of mind.

If you have any doubts at all that someone may not be interested, stop what you’re doing!

Condom demonstration video: