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Your Choice is ‘Major’ for Your Career

Nationally, more than 50% of new students entering a college or university have not selected a major. Some will feel insecure about selecting a major in the second year. If this describes you, take action. Find the information you need to choose a major that fits your strengths and interests.

Why is it important? Research on university success has shown that students who get involved in major and career planning activities are more likely to finish their degree, are more likely to graduate on time, have improved academic performance, tend to be more motivated, and have a more satisfying and fulfilling college experience. In other words, more success and less stress.

Major and career planning =  Check BoxCollege degree

Look at it this way. Your major does not determine your career, but different majors provide experiences and skills that will appeal to employers in some fields more than others.

That is why University Career Services offers a great program called Focus2 that you can complete online. Use our Career Discovery area or take it on your own from any computer. It is really quite easy to complete and the results will help you select the right major at ETSU, explore occupations related to major, understand the relationship between education and career planning, and engage in activities that support future success.

Focus2 is a reliable decision-making model that will increase your confidence in choosing a major.

So, to get started:

1. Locate Focus2 on Career Services home page and click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT. Use access code BUCS and your E number.

Step 1

phone2. Please call 423-439-4450 to reserve time to review results of your Focus2 Assessment with a member of our Career Discovery Staff.

At University Career Services, we also offer career advisement, resume building and reviews, interview practice, and more. At the beginning of the fall semester, check our website at for a list of upcoming events.

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