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ETSU Disability Services

As a student with a disability, it is important to identify early on the resources and services you need to get on track both academically and socially.

  • Register with Disability Services early in your first semester. CLICK HERE for eligibility requirements.
  • Learn how to describe your disability and what accommodations you need. For example: classroom/testing accommodations or interpreter services.
  • Take an active role in the accommodation process. You should be the one driving the bus!
  • Meet with your instructors early in the semester, and follow up as needed. Remember, you may only have one English instructor, but they may have 300 or 400 freshmen! Instructors need reminders about what accommodations they need to provide.
  • Take your first semester seriously; it’s easier to keep up your GPA than to bring it up.
  • Learn to set deadlines for yourself. This is not high school; no one reminds you to do your work or to go to class. CLICK HERE for college organizational tips.
  • Make good use of campus tutoring services. CLICK HERE.

Getting the services you need to succeed in college is not hard. Everyone on campus will be working together to make your college experiences productive and rewarding.


Work one-on-one to increase your essential college skills, such as organization and time management.

Outside the Box

Low key, weekly social meet up for students on the autism spectrum and their allies. Call our office for location and times.