Exercise equipment: BOSU® and medicine balls

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BOSU® squat:

This exercise is similar to a normal body weight squat but the instability of the BOSU® adds a greater level of difficulty by forcing your stabilizing muscles to kick in. As a result, this exercise targets not only your legs, but your core muscles as well.

BOSU® push-up:

In this case, flip the BOSU® over and attempt to do a standard push-up. This exercise will challenge your arms,
shoulders, and your abs.

BOSU® lunge:

Placing one foot on the ball, lunge forward and put all your weight on your lead foot. Then, push back towards your initial position and continue repeating. Again, this one will burn more calories than a traditional lunge by challenging your stabilizing muscles.

Medicine ball push-ups:

This one has a slightly higher degree of difficulty. Start in push-up position with one hand on the medicine ball. Then do a normal push-up. When you’re done, roll the ball to the other hand for the next push-up. This exercise once again focuses on gaining stability and works to help you build even more targeted muscles.

Medicine ball abs:

Take a medicine ball, lean back with your feet raised, and move the ball from one side to the other, then towards your feet. After about 20 repititions, this one is sure to give you a fantastic ab workout.

Medicine ball pullover:

This is a combination of the medicine ball push-ups, and medicine ball abs. Lean back, resting your head and shoulders on the BOSU® ball. Then, lower your medicine ball behind your head and return it back to the start. Try using a heavy medicine ball for this one so that you can get your chest, your lats, and your triceps involved.

—Submitted by Maddie B., Duke University