Discreet desk workout

Discreet desk workout

Leg cross glute stretch: From your chair, raise one leg and place that ankle just above your other leg’s knee. Lightly press down on the knee of the raised leg, and lean forward until a stretch is felt in the glute area. Hold for 30-60s, then switch sides.

Hip tilt hamstring stretch: While sitting towards the edge of your seat, extend both legs in front of you. From here, perform an anterior pelvic tilt, causing your low back to have an exaggerated curve by flexing, and lean forward until a stretch is felt in your hamstrings. Hold for 30-60s.

Side seat quad stretch: Scoot to the side of your chair so that only half your butt is seated. Keeping the leg that is off the chair bent, push your toes as far back as is comfortable while staying straight on the chair, keeping your back straight. From here, you can either grab your ankle and pull up, or slightly lean back to feel a stretch in the quadriceps and possibly the hip flexors. Hold for 30-60s, then switch sides.

Back prayer: While sitting straight up, bring both hands behind your back, keeping the tops of the hands facing upwards the entire time. Make a fist with both hands, and touch the knuckles together. Pull both elbows behind you; if a large stretch is felt, stay with this variation. If the stretch is hardly felt, open your fists so your fingers are touching, and press your hands together so that the fingers and palms are pressed together with the fingers pointing upward. Again, pull both elbows behind you, feeling the stretch in your fronts of your shoulders.

— Chase, Northern Illinois University