Evening workouts

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Child’s pose

Begin in a table top position—on your hands and knees, with your hands shoulder width apart and your feet hip width apart. With a neutral spine, begin to sit back onto your heels as your arms continue to reach forward. Drop your neck and continue to reach your finger tips as far forward as you can. You should feel a big release in your lower back and a big stretch in your upper back. Hold for eight breaths, release the position, and then resume. Repeat three times.

Down dog

Begin in child’s pose and curl your toes under in preparation to lift up. Slowly stretch your legs and lift your hips high to the sky. Look past your belly button by dropping your neck and really committing to this position. Try to get your heels close to the ground for a hamstring stretch. Feel free to bend one knee and then the other for additional stretching. Hold this position for eight breaths and repeat three times.

Spinal twist

Begin laying on your back with your knees hugged into your chest. Release your arms so they are out by your sides, shoulder height. Let your knees fall to one side and look the other way. Try to keep your shoulder blades on the ground even in this twist. This is great to release your back and even good for your organs. Hold for eight breaths and then switch sides. Do it twice on each side.

Forward fold

Start in a standing position with your feet hip width apart and your arms relaxed by yours sides. Begin to fold over and reach for your toes. Knees can be slightly bent to relieve tension in your hamstrings. Then, hold opposite arm to opposite elbow. You will feel a release in your lower back and also a stretch behind your legs. Hold for eight breaths and repeat three times.

— Submitted by Eliza S., University of Massachusetts Amherst