Punching bag workout

Punching bag workout

Jab Punch: Begin with your elbows in and fists at chin height. To throw the jab simulataneously, push off with your back leg and twist your body on your lead leg side, rotating your fist until your arm reaches full extension on contact. Make sure to keep your wrist straight, and don’t throw the jab so hard that you injure your elbow on the extension. After contact, immediately recoil your body and bring your hand back to your chin.

Cross Punch: The cross is similar to the jab in mechanics, except that now you’re pushing off and twisting with the trail leg side of your body, therefore delivering much more power in the punch. Like with the jab, after contact, you want to immediately recoil and bring your hands back to your chin.

Hook Punch: Plant your rear foot, and begin the motion by twisting slightly toward your lead leg side. Unwind back into your stance as you bend your arm to a 90-degree angle and parallel to the floor. Pivot all the way back on your lead leg foot; and maintain the 90-degree arm position as you make contact, using your abs to generate power and stay balanced. Immediately after the punch, return your hands to your chin.

Upper Cut Punch: Keeping your arm tight to your body, lower your trail leg hand and turn your palm to the ceiling as you slightly twist your body to the punching hand side. Pivot back into your stance by driving off your back leg as you punch in an upward motion with power generated from the legs, hips, and abs. Return to the set position before throwing the next punch.

-Mike B., Duke University